Friday, January 30, 2009

Milan Cross Action

Last weekend was spent filming and shooting the final round of the CX World Cup in Milan. I was mightily impressed with both of my guys. Franzoi and future Cannondaler Fontana didn't have the best of starts, but nether did Boom. Luckily, they all managed to make it to the lead group in the second lap. Franzoi eventually fell and chased back to a 13th finish. fm@ (Fontana - and a quick fix to my previous postings of m@f) rode with the front group of world champions, even attacking them much to the delight of the home crowd. It really was impressive and a good sign for our 2009 mountain bike season!

With Franzoi and Slongo pre-race. Nice national champ kit!

fm@ rides in between two world champions who just knocked into each other and had to dab. I guess it happens to the best of us!

Franzoi in action, pre-fall.

So today, Paolo is driving up from Treviso to Hoogerheide. I lucked out - he has to pass Basel and I have to return the camper that the Nine-Ballers are using after the race. I get a ride, he gets a break in the 12-hour drive he has to make! More to come, check the Twitter feed as I hope to do some very Cannondale-specific race updates!

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  1. rory.... have i ever told you that i envy your job? :)