Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three Late 80's Campagnolo Ads

Based on the Syncro ad, these come from 1987 or 1988. I only say that because Syncro II was introduced in 1989. Great ads from Vicenza. Click each for a HUGE view. Yeah, the scanner is warm this week!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Klein, Tinker and Record OR

While we're on the topic... One of the nice things with the new job is that I can continue to work with bmx and mtb icon and all around nice guy Tinker Juarez. I first met Tinker back in 1994 when he started with Volvo/Cannondale and started working with him in 2003 with Siemens/Cannondale when I first moved to Europe to run the sports marketing gig.

But this story dates back to 1990 - 1993 when Tinker raced for Klein and they ran the Campagnolo Record OR group that I lusted after. To boot, he also raced the Attitude and Adroit, other objects of desire. Talk about great paint jobs - I'd still buy one of these frames! Of course, I'd have to find those chainring bolts and all the rest to build it up 'properly'. They still show up on eBay, but at stratospheric prices. I know, it may have performed like crap, but when it worked, it worked and looked like jewelry, not exactly a quality you need when riding in the mud, but hey...

And where to find an etto helmet!?!

Greatest mtb paint job of all time...

In appreciation of the Campagnolo Record OR group

Digging through the filing cabinet I found the blue folder with "Campy OR" on the tab. twenty two years ago (can't be...) I dreamed of owning this stuff. I eventually got a group that graced a polished Super V and built up into a nice light bike. A few years later I managed to get that group onto a mountain bike tandem. I still have a few parts floating around here and there. If anyone has the proper chainring bolt spacers, I could get the crank back together!

If you'd like these pages for your virtual catalog, they're combined into one pdf here.

Big Changes...

So it's been REALLY quiet for a while here. Here's why - after 20 years, I changed jobs last summer and had twins in the span of three days! Yeah... I know. In addition, this spring we sold the CT house and headed to sunny (and hot) Southern California!

Now working for Sho-Air, I'm working with the Sho-Air / Cannondale mtb team, the US CUP (the richest mtb race series in the world) and... opening up a bike shop on the edge of Orange, CA! Not to mention a number of other interesting things that could bring the shipping company into the sport of cycling even further. Not one day has been the same as another, which is rewarding and keeps things (and hours) interesting!

I loved most of my time at Cannondale, and still count the many friendships as the most valuable thing to take with me from my experience there. Not to mention all the world travel and first-hand work at the greatest bike races in the world, with some of the greatest racers and people in the world.