Tuesday, December 4, 2018

3 Out, 4 In This Year

I promised not to n+1 (or s-1) too hard this year, but I failed. Out went the Colnago C60 - I got such a great deal on it that I actually made money on selling the frame. The Campy Record 11v EPS group stayed for the next project (more on that later). Such an amazing frame, why would I sell it? Well, I have another super light carbon, and I don't really ride that bike either! I'm never going to race (and crash) a frame that nice, plus they just came out with the C64, so...

Out went the Vianelli, to Australia of all places! There is a box dimension limit there, so shipping this was quite the experience. I had to split it into 2 shipments and customize the boxes to get them to fit!

And out went the Somec MS! I love the MS, but not to fear... there was a plan.

The main reason for the Leader MS sale was that an internet friend of mine from Russia, Alex, had another MS in my size and too small for him. A deal was struck and the long wait ensued. Evidently this frame was in Holland with a friend. Once Alex had it, he wasn't happy about the fork's chrome condition. What to do... the main reason I wanted this frame was that it was painted by the master, Mario Martini. It's what I really needed to have. Alex is a big fan as well, and he found the solution - chrome paint! It was the only way to get it back to looking near original while preserving the Martini details on the fork. Had I not written it here, nobody would ever notice!

I'm building it up with my new sweet spot - 10v downtube indexing shifters, Delta brakes and SGR pedals. Alloy 10v Campy! I have new decals and some neon housing on the way in both yellow and pink... this frame won't be subtle... just like the late 80's!

Speaking of Somec, the previously mentioned EPS parts will go on this new custom Somec Multistrade alloy gravel frame. The Lauf fork has been waiting in the garage for almost a year now, but will soon hit the road... and they're all gravel around here, so it's so appropriate!

I'm waiting on a few parts to finish it, but it may hit the "road" this weekend already! Gold ti bolts will be added over the winter, to match a gold KMC chain and a few other bits. Will also get a Leonardi seatpost, and there's one more little surprise that came from the C60's loose Ferrari connections/history.

So that makes 2 of 4. What else did I get on the plus side this year? Oh yeah, the Wolhauser and the alloy Colnago. N+1 is great when it is profitable or pays for itself over the long run! I guess I need some more photos...