Sunday, September 25, 2016


It's been a blur of late, what with planning all of our Ridebiker activities for 2017, working the custom club kits for next year, and of course a very quick trip to Vegas for Interbike! On top of that, l'Eroica is fast approaching and the lists are being checked, bags are being packed.

Interbike was great as usual, bumping into old friends from all over the world. Particularly nice was seeing the crowd form around Cipo as he interrupted his selfie session and came over for a chat.

Gary had a great show with Somec, USA. I keep saying that there is an aging crowd who cares less and less about winning the sprint on the big Sunday group ride or Wednesday night world championship. There may just be more unicorns like me who appreciate the artistry in old-world manufacturing, and damn the power numbers. Sometimes, style counts WAY more than your legs!

It was nice to run into Paul from, an ambitious new website that is towards the top of my list. Brian Ignatin from HBG showed up to the Rose Bowl ride a couple months ago and posted this article on my Somec a while back. Obviously, more examples of those with a proper appreciation for Italian steel!

With that, I'm unpacked from Vegas and repacking for l'Eroica. I have a number of interesting stops both before and after the event and will have the camera rolling the entire time. More to come...

And yes, that's my Sammontana-version Masini kit!