Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Vintage" Bottles to Actually Drink From!

Riding old bikes is great... the obvious lack of mechanical advances makes for a more challenging yet very inspiring ride. However, every once in awhile you need a break from the difficulties of days gone by. Nasty aluminum water bottles corked up on the front of your handlebars can remain nostalgic only for SO long. I just picked up my latest mad creation... Zefal alloy bottles resprayed and made up in Legnano, Galmozzi and Cicli Masini colors. Ok, so the Galmozzi isn't pictured because it's just champagne colored. And through some Photoshop magic, you can see both sides of the Legnano bottle.

Not much riding going on right now, so these are relegated to sipping expensive import Mountain Dew!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hugo Koblet DVD, Out Now!

The Hugo Koblet - Pédaleur de Charme DVD came out recently here in Switzerland. has it as well. They can ship to Switzerland I know, but I'm not sure to what other European countries they will ship. It's a region 2 (Europe) disc with subtitles in German, Italian, French and... English!

It's so much better with the subtitles! My Swiss German is absolutely zero, but that didn't stop me from seeing it in the theater on opening night. It's a great film about a great Swiss champion.

One thing stood out to me upon my second viewing. The oft-seen scene that's shown below when he first sees Waltraut Haas has a great gaffe for the vintage crowd, as Hugo and his teammate are wearing cycling caps with Rapha logos on them! They're white-on-white stitched, but eagle-eyed viewers will clearly see them.

I highly suggest finding this one!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lo Sport Illustrato 06/16/1949

Last installment of the 1949 Giro d'Italia coverage by Lo Sport Illustrato is now here.

Just Won On eBay... Bartali Razors!

So I finally got around to clicking on my own ad. I found the right Bartali razor package that I wanted and hit the old "buy now" button! It's certainly not Oakley or Red Bull money, and I can't see today's heroes shilling for Gillette, but I love the Bartali endorsement for these razor blades! They were 'super fast' after all.