Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Vintage" Bottles to Actually Drink From!

Riding old bikes is great... the obvious lack of mechanical advances makes for a more challenging yet very inspiring ride. However, every once in awhile you need a break from the difficulties of days gone by. Nasty aluminum water bottles corked up on the front of your handlebars can remain nostalgic only for SO long. I just picked up my latest mad creation... Zefal alloy bottles resprayed and made up in Legnano, Galmozzi and Cicli Masini colors. Ok, so the Galmozzi isn't pictured because it's just champagne colored. And through some Photoshop magic, you can see both sides of the Legnano bottle.

Not much riding going on right now, so these are relegated to sipping expensive import Mountain Dew!


  1. Hello,
    Need to get me an example or two of the Legnano water bottles shown on your blog. Did you make those yourself? If so, care to share the fabrication process?
    David Smith

  2. It's pretty easy provided you have access to a painter and the decals. They are just Zefal metal bottles, sand them down, and have them sprayed. Then, apply your decals (I know of one good resource for old Italian brands in Italy) and clear coat them.

    Just two tips - mask the plastic ring at the top (the red piece) and don't cure them in an oven that's too hot. I'm sure there is some nice chemical inside this thermo bottle that shouldn't get too hot.

    1. Hello again,
      Thanks for the response and the tips. Enjoy reading your blog quite a bit. Getting ready to do the Anjou Vélo Vintage here in France on the restored Legnano. Keep up the good work.
      Kind regards,