Monday, April 11, 2016


Always wanted one, never had a reason combined with means and the availability of today's collector's market on eBay... until now. As stated, the Ghibli will have a collection of parts far beyond any other bike I've built in terms of unique, hard to find items.

This stem is either the lightest quill Cinelli made until the Pinocchio and Grammo stems, or it may just be the most stress risers ever designed into one component, just waiting to snap off at a moment's notice!

Friday, April 8, 2016


You know how the Mrs. is always saying "but they were half price... so I bought a cool dozen!" or something to that effect?!? My standard line is usually something like "but I didn't know Pottery Barn even had an Arbor Day decoration section!"

We all justify our purchases, right? Well, I had committed to buy a set of Croce d'Aune Deltas for $300 (the going rate for a used set). But those were rough, no logos, needed wheel guides on the brake shoes, maybe a new gasket, etc etc. It would set me back another $150 to make them what I wanted. So when I spotted these for $250 with local pickup, I couldn't pass them up!

If I were to justify these, I'd say something to the effect of "this guy just basically PAID ME $200 to take them from him!"

Now, just wait until you see the bars I'm getting for the Rossin! Each part on that bike will be odd, rare or early aero!