Friday, June 2, 2017

Ciöcc Finally Getting the Miles In

Finally got the chance to shoot the Ciöcc recently. I've been riding ALL the old Italian steel lately, especially on the local gravel (ghiaia). This week, at the end of one such ride, the Selle San Marco Concor shown here snapped at the rail. Luckily I only had six or seven miles to home, standing all the way. At that point, it was time to wash this baby and get it out to photo it in this incarnation, as it may be a while before it returns to this somewhat period correct look (eBay has only a few 3TTT suede saddles listed, and they go for north of $150).

This is the rare pre-CPSC era Ciöcc that was built for Milanese sprinter Musone (his name stamped into the rear dropouts) and a very rare team frame built with Nervex lugs. I documented its restoration on youtube, which to date has 34,000 views mainly because Giovanni can be heard pronouncing and explaining the name Ciöcc. Comments have always asked to see the finished product, so I'll link them back to this post.

My last trip to Giovanni's shop led me to the guy that most likely built these team frames. He remembered the vintage and told me a few things that had I scribbled on a note somewhere around here.

The bike rides great. Now, I just need to find a new saddle...

As I found it...

That great Musone dropout