Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wow... THAT Was A Whirlwind Month!

The end of May is coming and with that, the end of the Giro d'Italia (go, Liquigas-Cannondale) and the end of possibly the most stressful month I've had in a LONG time. I'm writing this from the Palma restaurant at JFK, where I've flown in and out of so often in the past two months that I know the KLM attendant AND the bartender personally!

It started with a quick trip to the wind tunnel with Ivan and the boys right after the Tour of Romandie. This was JUST after getting back from the US and Grandma's 100th birthday party! And THAT was just after Paris-Roubaix and a trip to Sicliy! From there, it was to Turin and the launch of an amazing new bike, the Cannondale Evo. Great riding and an incredible setting were on par with my Italian colleagues! That led to the Giro TT in Turin and a mad dash back to Switzerland before heading to the Tour of California.

Great riding in Turin...

I didn't expect snow in May in Cali and was was under-dressed as we first cancelled stage one and moved the start of stage two. The whole race, I was either filming with our behind-the-scenes crew or Versus, riding with my two guest riders or waiting at the finish line for Peter Sagan to win a stage, which he eventually did! To relive it, head to our Off the Front page and see the videos!

Marketing... rough job.

From Cali, which was far more stressful than it looks like in the videos, I headed to CT to close on our house, which may have been the most touch-and-go stressful process ever. Just try buying a house while living abroad! It ain't easy, especially in this economy and its new regulations. Since we're heading back to the US, we'll also need a car - and I'm going to spoil myself (or is it really for the missus?) with a convertible. Yep, a Fiat isn't the most practical car, but it's Italian, stylish and we've only got one very small dog to haul around!

Fiat USA's Julie puts the sold tag on mine. Oh yeah, it's in 'Cicli Masini blue'!

I just realized that there are far too many cute blondes in this post! That's ok - I'm excited because I'm now headed back to the best one of all! There's only one that can put up with a travel schedule like this, pack up our entire Euro apartment while taking care of our "baby girl" and do it all with grace and patience in putting up with an idiot like me! Love you, J! Now, let's go and try being 'mericans again! Fast food! Mountain Dew! Football in HD! 24-hour stores... and ENGLISH! I know, you're probably thinking I'm crazy for being excited - Europe is cool and all - but we're READY! And I'm ready to stay put for a while!