Wednesday, January 1, 2014

54 Years Ago Today... Fausto Coppi Passed Away

My first trip to l'Eroica saw me buying lots of old Italian magazines, including this issue of Oggi with  coverage of the funeral of Fausto Coppi.

In 2012, I found myself in Novi Ligure and decided to make the trip up to Castellania to see the Coppi museum, etc. Driving through the thickest fog I've ever encountered, I did eventually manage to break through and see the various tributes to their hero on the sides of otherwise useless brick towers and walls.

As I arrived a bit late (at least for rural Italian towns), the place was virtually deserted. I did manage to see the tomb of Fausto and Serse though.

I decided to wander around the little town and eventually found these two sights, along with oversized posters lit beautifully in the evening street lights. You can tell not much else happened or happens in this town!

The Coppi house was a great sight, if only it were open. Then, as can happen in Italy, I made the rash move to talk to the only person I could find walking around... He took me to his place, found his father, who is the caretaker of certain Coppi properties, is someone's third cousin related to Fausto, you know the deal... Anyway, a few coins to the old gal running the house and we're in Casa Coppi and I'm getting the inside tour from someone who knew the Heron.

Fausto or Serse's room... can't remember anymore!


And with a huge grin on my face and some more purchased books on Coppi, I headed back down to Novi in that thick Piemontese fog.

Viva Fausto!