Monday, November 10, 2008

The Equestrian Trails Don't End!

So I'm on day six of my Swiss 'cross training and the trails just past the new place don't end. Today was another hour-plus and I continued to explore. The Garmin's battery was dead so I didn't map it, but I know where everything is and leads to. It's really incredible - I can't wait to see if someone grooms for skate skiing.

The nine-ball just got a good washing, being a week packed with mud and all. Oh yeah, what better way to finish off a ride than a nice cold Chimay?


Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Perfect Ride...

Taking advantage of the incredible fall weather today, I took the nine-ball out for some more 'cross training. Two blocks from the new apartment is a trailhead that leads to a network of walking trails, singletrack and access roads that only the Swiss could maintain so well. There are ALWAYS lots of walkers out and about, dogs too. But once you get past the front trails it turns into one of the greatest cross bike rides you can imagine.

In just one hour of riding, you can find plenty of downed logs to practice barriers, stairs, water crossings - everything except a sand pit! Elevation gain is minimal unless you want to find some run-ups or blast up the odd hill. There are a couple of paved climbs if you need. All of this, and you won't find a car and don't even really have to cross a road! Not only that, but the Garmin showed that I didn't hit the same patch of trail twice, save for the entrance and return bit.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Top Ten Lists

One of my favorite things to listen to is when my talk radio shows go off topic and discuss music... why isn't this a popular topic on more shows? Anyway, I recently saw a blog post about Mtv streaming old videos online. SO - as I'm a child of the 80's (and 90's), here is a list of videos from my favorite "college bands" (remember that term?).

The Cure Primary
Is that really Robert Smith?

New Order True Faith
Speechless from the first time I saw it.

Joy Division Atmosphere
Anton Corbijn invented Jawas. True story.
Tribute to Ian Curtis, RIP (and somebody please return the grave stone!).

The Smiths This Charming Man
"Punctured bicycle, on a hillside desolate..."
"I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear.
This man said 'It's gruesome that someone so handsome should care' "

Morrissey Suedehead
This song may have been the first time a laser wore grooves in a CD, I played it SOO much when it came out.

Everyday Is Like Sunday
See above!

First of the Gang to Die
This is a late entry and the only 'live' video. There are many better, older M videos, but this song is incredible, from his Manchester concert DVD.

Material Issue Valerie Loves Me
Great college band. Remember a foggy concert in Ames, making an ass of myself.

Jesus and Mary Chain Head On
Distortion kings.

Finally, for #10, take your pick... do a search on the following.
Peter Murphy
Love and Rockets
The Beautiful South
The Housemartins
The Pixies
The Ocean Blue

Our lines are open... are you diggin' this type of music, or are you more of a fan of the good ol' hair band? If so, try Yngwie my personal favorite for "fastest guitar player alive". Oops, Mtv still not into Yngwie! It's what goes through my head in a race... EVERY race!

Monday, November 3, 2008

From the back room...

Since I've been riding it so much in the past week, I figured it
appropriate to give some blog love to my rig... an 08 XTJ, taken woth
the iPhone on the back shop. It's wedged between a couple other guys'