Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Perfect Ride...

Taking advantage of the incredible fall weather today, I took the nine-ball out for some more 'cross training. Two blocks from the new apartment is a trailhead that leads to a network of walking trails, singletrack and access roads that only the Swiss could maintain so well. There are ALWAYS lots of walkers out and about, dogs too. But once you get past the front trails it turns into one of the greatest cross bike rides you can imagine.

In just one hour of riding, you can find plenty of downed logs to practice barriers, stairs, water crossings - everything except a sand pit! Elevation gain is minimal unless you want to find some run-ups or blast up the odd hill. There are a couple of paved climbs if you need. All of this, and you won't find a car and don't even really have to cross a road! Not only that, but the Garmin showed that I didn't hit the same patch of trail twice, save for the entrance and return bit.


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  1. sounds kinda like the germany i remember. those central europeans know how to do things, eh?