Monday, November 10, 2008

The Equestrian Trails Don't End!

So I'm on day six of my Swiss 'cross training and the trails just past the new place don't end. Today was another hour-plus and I continued to explore. The Garmin's battery was dead so I didn't map it, but I know where everything is and leads to. It's really incredible - I can't wait to see if someone grooms for skate skiing.

The nine-ball just got a good washing, being a week packed with mud and all. Oh yeah, what better way to finish off a ride than a nice cold Chimay?



  1. Haa Ha: two! Now you're talking!

    Had a nice 2 hour ride on the 9 Ball yesterday myself. Started from my friend's garage and we hit some dirt roads, gravel, greasy mud, wet grass, singletracks covered with leaves, some cold streams, rocks... almost no flat terrain at all. Had a blast! And we got in for our post ride beer just as rain started to fall, no Chimays though, they're hard to find over here.

  2. that looks good! better than lunch! ;)

  3. 2 Beers to finish of a bike ride? Just shows you can move to Switzerland but you'll always be an Iowan. Nice!