Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fasnacht... it's VEISHEA all over again!

Fasnacht is Basel's version of Carnivale - but with some VERY local nuances. We've been lucky enough to have befriended some locals who in turn invited us to become honorary members and to march with them and their clique. They were also glad to hear that I was quite the styrofoam carver of bird heads in my day. That's right - in college, I carved a few Cy heads for VEISHEA and homecoming displays. After some hours of work, my next creation, after a seventeen year absence... my Vulture head is almost done.


  1. i've heard lots of stories about veisha. now i'm beginning to understand. ;)

    we had fasching when i was in germany. oh yeah! fun times!


  2. All I ever learned from VEISHA was to stay away from large quantities of Milwaukees's Best beer.