Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tucker Gets Another X-Ray

So my boy gained a bunch of weight in the past two weeks and started groaning and complaining a lot. A little Tucker primer - he has seizures and takes heavy medication. He also has kidney stones (2 surgeries so far) and a bit of back trouble (common in weiner dogs). In addition, he's smart as a fox and almost as clever as his sister Daisy. He's also known to do wild launches and somersaults if there is food nearby he can get his alligator-like jaws on. So, he's a ferocious weiner dog in a very small package, but also very lovable.

We took him in to the vet for a check and ended up taking blood, getting an X-Ray, the gamut. The things we do for our dogs...


  1. He looks "ferocious" Janelle better watch those fingers. Hope everything turns out OK