Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feeding the Social Monster

SO I'm an admitted tech geek, but this is crazy. This past week, I found a way to update my three SN footprints all at once.

That last post, for example, was authored on my iPhone with an image from its iPhoto app. I sent an email to my blogger mobile address. That posted it to my blog. Using twitterfeed, it automatically created a tweet with a tinyurl link to the article. Both of those actions created items on my Facebook page: a status update and a note.

I was an early adopter of mobile computing. First a Psion, then a number of Pocket PC's (remember those?), and on to the ultimate with the iPhone and iPod Touch. THIS is what mobile computing is all about, and it's only going to get better! I'm now looking for ways to employ this more with my work and not just toying around with it here... should be fun.

So my question is... how did you find this article?


  1. I found this via a Tweet...
    Impressive how you've got all of those figured out...

  2. i'm no techie and even my cell phone confuses me. program the television remote? uh, no, not happening. my wife knows how so i just sit back and watch.

    i can make all the needed adjustments to my bike though. :)