Monday, February 2, 2009

CX Worlds

SO - 'cross world championships were awesome, even if the results aren't what I wanted and the men's race itself was over after two laps. Takeaways? There were TONS of fans as usual, but way more than the World Cup I went to at the same course (like 20 times as many) a few years ago. During the race, you couldn't get close to the course - it was four deep! Hence, I didn't get any decent race photos or video. Everyone knows the results so far, so here's what I have...

Cross is a religion to Belgians... here's their Pope! This dude got plenty of attention so I'm sure this is to be yet another useless image posted of him. But I thought it was funny... the first time I saw him!

Saturday night I caught up with Franzoi, and Slongo brought him some new tricolore shoes. He was a bit worried that the frozen course would be too fast. As I tweeted, he asked us to go drench the course on Saturday night! He's still a bit of a star with the Belgians, and rightly so. He's a hammer, and I can't wait for him to break out another big result against the Beneluxers!

Post-race, I helped Stu and Powers pack their stuff up. I was to return the Cannondale Factory Racing camper that we lent to them for their Euro trip. Stu was ready to get back home to the family, while Jpow was heading back to get ready for the road season. Seems he won't be at ToC. The Cannondale/ Nine Ballers raced 32 times in the US this year and grabbed 31 podiums and over 20 wins... domination!

The drive back was uneventful. I left Belgium at about 10pm. The snow and my blurry-eyed state forced me into a French hotel at about 2am... just in time to see the halftime show. YAWN. I dig Bruce, but I don't appreciate spoon-feeding music to the masses. I was half expecting to see Aerosmith, Lady GaGa and Lil Wayne to make an appearance just to make everyone happy. Anyway... I'll stop being salty and get some rest.

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  1. awesome stuff, rory! the wife and i talked about getting our butts to europe for worlds someday soon. i think i'd dig the atmosphere. i know i'd like the beer!