Friday, February 20, 2009

Tour of California Update

It's been awhile so here goes! First off, please check my Twitter udpates as I'm doing quite a bit more of that from the races. Also, it's been embedded into's Liquigas page, so expect more info to come there! We've got lots of info there and a ton of videos posted.

The rain of the early stages is behind us now, and everyone's attitude towards California changed rapidly once the sun came out!

I've been traveling with Andrea Noe, our guest rider, doing some nice training on a borrowed System Six (my new Super was broken in transit and I'm looking forward to building another one up once back home). Today, we have the climbing camp (I need it!) with Cadence Cyclery from Philadelphia. It's kind of a day off for me! I won't even see the TT in Solvang today, I've left it up to my partner in crime Scott to take care of our guests. Let's see if he either learns Italian today or discovers how tough my job really is!

Racewise, Nibali and Basso are sitting pretty in the top twenty with determination to climb further up in today's TT. There is a bit of a running joke among the team directors - when Nibali reacted too early to Levi's attack on the climb on stage 2, race radio announced rider number "66" had gone off to bridge. We now call the Shark of the Strait "66" (in a thick Italian accent of course). 

Anyone notice that Ivan doesn't really have a big smile in pictures? Is he Liquigas' Mona Lisa?


  1. And yet Ivan has that huge maniacal grin on his face during the hardest races. I guess it's clear what he's happiest doing.

  2. looks like ivan has a couple of fans! GO GREEN!!!!