Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fancy Footwork... I'm Back!

So I'm back in the states and feelin ready to finally spin the pedals in anger, as they say.

I just did the 2nd Annual CT Coast Criterium to benefit the CT Challenge-Cycling for Cancer Survivors (nice long name) Cat. 4 race on the Bethel crit course. I felt great, even if it's my first race this year - sorry, but there just aren't a lot of crits in Switzerland, nor time. The pack was a little nervous, but not too bad. I was surprised that I could still move up through the group efficiently on the climb and stay towards the front. I ended up seventh or eighth in the sprint.

Another amazing thing is the equipment in the group. Before, I was amazed at the number of Cannondales in the pack (it's a bit of a home town course, as our office is located on the hill just behind the course). There were still a ton of System and Super Sixes, but what I wasn't ready for were the number of high profile carbon rims and power equipment. I swear, I could smell the brake dust of the guy in front of me before he began to slow down! Meanwhile, I was aboard a trusty old CAAD7 Saeco bike. Not flashy, but I've already had the pleasure of ruining two alu frames in these crits... Hey, you do close to 100 crits over here and you're bound to fall, right? Still, word was spread that I was back... be extra careful of the guy in the flash green shoes! Nice sock combo too, right?

Knucklehead in front and to my right made a bold move just before the sprint and took down some poor guy at the foot of the hill... nice move. I was able to avoid, but let him know what he had caused.

A little dehydrated thanks to my nemesis, Taco Bell. Hey - I do live in Europe and still miss my favorites! I have 2 hours to go until the start of the 3/4 race - first time I've done two in a day. Motivated to race, no? Feels good!


  1. Welcome back to the States and ncie work getting in the mix right away!!!

    Great looking shoes by the way.