Thursday, June 12, 2008


One of the fun things about travelling with Italian pros in the US is seeing what they take interest in. There are plenty of differences for sure, but tops on their list is of course American girls. After that, it's muscle cars, the huge trucks... and fast food. I got the chance to turn them on to Doritos and introduce them to Taco Bell and Mountain Dew (hang around with me for a day or two once I get back to the US and it's hard to avoid these last two!).

The smallest guy on the team went nuts for the cheesy goodness that is Doritos. We took the occasion to rename him Santadorito based on his amazingly long last name. At one point, he slumped in the chair of the car to 'drink' the crumbs and not be seen! We died in laughter and Santadorito was born.


  1. I just had Taco Bell for lunch yesterday, good choice.

  2. nacho cheese doritos.... the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions! great introduction to american cuisine!

  3. My Bell of choice... Grilled Stuffed Burritos! I think tomorrow I'll be by the Am. Diner near Bern to pick up some Dew for the trip to World's... Val di Sole is in the middle of nowhere, so the hot drive will require some 'gold'.