Sunday, June 8, 2008

After 22 years of trying...

... my first win! I have to preface by saying it was a Tuesday night training race and was classified by points (where I came in third), but still - I took the last sprint to the line. With ten to go, we sprinted for points on every lap. I let the fast guys go after the first three (a break got away as well) and then went for it on the fourth. I took off late, but caught three guys on the rise to the line. I knew at that point that I better sit back in the pack and wait for the finale.

With one to go, I found myself in the first five spots and decided to just stay there. At the final curve before the hill, I was in second - a bit too early. But, nobody was coming around us and the guy in front decided to stay out there and try to take it. I stayed on his wheel until really late and threw my bike over the line, one wheel length ahead!

With the big meetings in Bethel over, everyone from the office was at the top corner drinking beer and shouting for me on every lap. I think the guys in my group wondered who in the hell was racing.

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  1. Congratulations!

    Does it mean I have to wait another 21 years before I can expect to win? :)

  2. Congrats Rory!!!!! That's awesome.

    Man, that means that I have 14 years to go...LOL