Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mtb World's and Internet connections...

The guys did well and gave everything they had for mtb Worlds. Our booty - a silver in the junior DH by Sam Dale! I had a nice chat with Sam's dad Steve, who is from Macclesfield - yep, he went to school with Joy Division's Ian Curtis (who hanged himself the day before leaving for their first US tour). Ironic in that I just picked up Paul Morley's new Joy Division book days before.

Anyway, Joost was killing it in the 4X early rounds, until getting t-boned by a US rider. He wasn't happy at all... but that's 4-cross!

I wanted to get some reports filed, but as you can see, sometimes in Italy, an internet connection is about as far away as the US... check this photo out from my hotel room!

On the XC side on Sunday, Jakob grabbed the lead from the gun and then began to fade as the heat got to him a bit. After the race, he said he didn't drink enough but gave it everything he had. Roel did well to climb back up into the top 10. At the finish, he was mobbed... clearly one of the most popular riders out there.

They were on some new forks and wheels. The bikes were coming in at around 9kg! They were all stoked with the bikes as well.


  1. Extraordinary picture. When you imagine professional sportsmen you think in luxurious hotels, commodities,... I´m very impressed.

  2. Oh to be sure... the hotel was actually VERY nice - "Italian hotel" and "wireless" is still a fairly new combination. Plus, the pro's were spread out all over the valley.

  3. PS Al - are you really in Botswana? I did a safari there last fall... incredible place!

  4. We need more info on those new Lefties... Otherwise, I'll have no choice but to go sneak into the pits at the Mont Sainte-Anne and/or Bromont World Cups.

  5. I could tell you... but you know the rest. Feel free to snoop around, but what you'll want to know is not visible!

  6. I would like to be in Botswana... but I´m in Santander (Capital of Cantabria, a small region in North of Spain), a beautiful place to byke and run.

    You have a very interesting blog, ¡keep it alive!