Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not to rub it in...

This post goes out to blog-friend carlos da jackal who recently posted about the Nalgenes he made to show support for his (and my) favorite team, Liquigas. Although quite a lame claim, I am the proud owner of this special (and rare) printed Camelback Nalgene Liquigas bottle. Here's a promise - IF I get my hands on another one of these, one's headed your way, Carl. There's just one special drink I usually drink from it...

I have to admit, when the sun finally comes to Switzerland, nothing cures my thirst or keeps me awake for a long drive, quite like an imported can of the golden elixir. Of course, I'm talking about the Dew. Not made in Europe, I've been known to pay up to $3 (or even 600 Korean Won!) for an imported can. I currently know of six places in Europe where I can buy them (3 in CH, 1 in ES, 1 in DE and 1 in NL).


  1. I am truly flattered. Thank you.

    I also share your desire for the morning Dew. I'm not a coffee drinker so I have been known to have some pretty early in the day on occassion.