Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Giro Flash...

How's this for instant updating... I'm jumping in the team car in 10 minutes to follow #9 in the G.C. Franco Pellizotti for today's TT stage. Pelli is a decent time triallist and more than capable climber. This course features a slightly uphill second half, so hopefully he'll be able to do well.

Kjell and Charlie just returned from their runs. Kjell said it's tough and is changing his prediction to Contador... let's see.

Mrs. Masini is a bit smitten with Benna... with good reason, so I'm told by the other girls around here!

Numbers 9 and 10 in the classification. Pelli starts in just over a half hour, so we're off to the start line. Speaking of the start line, here's the view from the tunnel...

And finally, here's how you sell furniture... nice job, Enrico!