Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Safe Is YOUR Hotel Room?

I arrived in Sicily with the bikes last night... 1700 km of driving from Basel! While Sicily may be my favorite place in Europe, it's probably not the kind of place where you decide to trust leaving five Team Liquigas bikes in your van that clearly states "Come Steal Cannondales Here" on the side! No garage means that I had to make a number of trips to my room with these on my shoulder. Let's see... I'll trade you a Bertagnolli for a Franzoi.

I'm in Caltanissetta, right in the middle of the island. I'm here to deliver these five beauties to some stores in Palermo to display the week before the Giro d'Italia, which starts next Saturday. On the highway leading here I passed what may be one of the more spectacular cities on the island... Enna. It was built on a high ridge that technically could be called a mountain. I'll try to ride up to there later today and grab a photo or two.


  1. keep livin the dream, yah that jacket still kicks ass. I'm stoked for yea the real dal I thought the TOC was a lot of work, Wow! the Giro, maybe my home boy will be back fer CSC, McCartney. I'm gone ta add yer shit ta my blog roll Party On, H-WooD
    Hey I'll trade a lit fer one of yers I'm still a 4ish maybe 5in the bibs, you?

  2. Rory, good to see yer livin the dream. I'd expect nothing less. My small taste of the TOC thinks yer ready to take on a big challenge with the Giro. It's good to see you got to see Roubaix, next year Kristy and I will be there for sure! If McCartney (CSC) is at the Giro, tell him Hwood says hi. Nice job buddy!
    PS...If you want to trade a team kit, I'm ready and willin'. I'm still a 4ish/5. Party On, Hwood

  3. You seem to really like hotel rooms... but please, let the team riders sleep so they can keep winning Giro stages. :)