Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hard at work... Giro Stage 2

We headed to the start of stage 2 in Cefalu on the Northern Sicilian coast. Shook a few hands and took some photos for a change. I had a chance to talk up the bike on some random Italian TV channel. After that, I had a brief chat with Magnus and then whoever I could find riding by.

After the start, we had to get to the airport to send Mrs. Masini on her way back home, then pick up what I like to call the Big Wigs. From there, we pulled over to a TINY village to watch the stage finish. When I say 'tiny' I mean this place belongs in the film "Kaos" by the Taviani brothers. We had great beer and local antipasti, followed by Pelli winning the pink jersey! After that, we were in quite a good mood, so the bosses challenged the 20 or so kids from the town to a few games of foosball... We got back to the car and HAD to go back and hand out Liquigas t-shirts much to the delight of the locals.

All in all, a great start of the Giro for us... with more to come!

Me and my bikes...

Maggie Bäckstedt looking thin, strong and happy.

Hey... quit picking my nose whilst I'm on TV!

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