Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eurobike for the Vintage Set

Eurobike is an incredible trade show, with its promise of the latest technology collected under the old zeppelin hangars. I made the trip this year from the US as opposed to the three hour drive from Basel, in order to talk with some of our sponsored athletes and technical sponsors. This time of year is always stressful, as negotiations are in full flight for the coming year, or in some cases, even further out.

In between meetings, I always take the time to roam around and find the new cool stuff, but for the past two years, I've taken a different view of things, now that my vintage obsession is just that... an obsession. There seems to be a lot of folks who are looking back for inspiration, whether from their company's heritage, or just from a design standpoint. The results are sometimes hit-or-miss, but I totally appreciate it! Here is what I found, photos thanks to a crappy Android loaner phone.

This Via Veneta ladies bike, with gold and leather accents was almost as cool as Mrs. Masini's Gloria

Either for my Bianchi or one of the Mrs' Glorias, I NEED a newspaper holder.

This Ambrosio featured a carbon frame with similar gold details. Ciöcc wasn't impressed!

Who wouldn't want panniers by Ermenegildo Zegna?

Always interested in logos for inspiration. I'm working on a 20's-30's version of the Masini logo for a new project... more on that later.

DeMarchi dates back to 1946 with this (repro'd) Atala jersey.

I wanted this helmet by Casco since last year.

Finally, and this wasn't at the show, but I ended up buying them anyway... repro goggles as made famous by Mantova's Tazio Nuvolari, and as worn by his paisano Learco Guerra! Self portrait by Android... ugh.

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