Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cicli Masini Paris-Roubaix is Ready for l'Eroica!

With just minor chainline issues, the Cicli Masini Paris-Roubaix is ready for l'Eroica. Check out the not-so-deft shift on my local strada bianca! Hoping to break 14 hours this year. With five speeds instead of four, I hope it'll be enough to make the difference, but my fitness is also half of what it was last year!


  1. Trust me, there's LOTS more that ain't right! How about the Cannondale gloves or the Rapha hat!?! Probably didn't notice the velcro on the shoes either! I'm a firm believer in accuracy about the spirit and less on the parts!

  2. Oh yeah - that brake cable has to get turned under the bars too!