Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ciöcc Restores the Cicli Masini, SN 1

It took a year... planning, parts collecting, weekend trips to Ciöcc's shop to work on it, but the final result was worth it. Here is a look at the work that went into the Cicli Masini, serial number one, plus some pre-l'Eroica beauty shots!

It'll never get this clean again!

Every bike needs a strong head tube badge. I think this turned out great.

Spinning spokes just behind your shift lever... what could go wrong?!?

Here's the business end of the Paris-Roubaix shifter.


  1. Lovely! Well-done. Know you'll have fun on this beast. Great video, too. Giovanni is one of the best and his bikes are some of the BEST riders, if not the most collectible. Very envious.

    - kh