Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh Yeah

Just found the photos of our encounter with the cop at Lago di Garda that I wrote about here. Thought it was worth posting! This was the moment of clarity... you can see Ivan saying "yeah, it's really me" and the cop saying "ma che cazzo!"

Little man with a badge.

And after.


  1. good thing it didn't come down to the need for whoopin that gendarmes butt. i think you guys could have taken him!

  2. My faithful Iowa readers... you guys rock!

    I'm heading to IA for my 20th HS reunion in Laurens next weekend. Then will be in MO in September for the Tour of Missouri... come down to KC if you can... I'll get you in the car for a lap of the circuit.

  3. thanks rory, you are the man!

    have fun at the reunion!