Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dachshund Guitar Hero

Had to keep awake for the 11-hour drive home last night. We encountered a nice long traffic jam so I decided to play what I call 'Dachshund Guitar Hero'.

Rockin' out to the Pixies.

Much like the popular video game, once you level up to the top level, you get to Yngwie Malmsteen (one of my favorites, who I missed in concert at the Black Forest thanks to this race that's going on in France). This is I Am A Viking from the Marching Out cd.

One drawback to this game is that the guitar sometimes gets fed up with it all...

Legal Note: Tucker was not harmed in the playing of Dachshund Guitar Hero. He rather enjoys it except during the high part of the solo in Night Ranger's Don't Tell Me You Love Me.


  1. Your dog hates you. And I don't blame him.

  2. Rory my friend you are one funny guy! :-)

    Thanks for the laughs! (Although the star of the show is no doubt Tucker!)

    Mike C

  3. ooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! that's good!

    that job of yours must be killer. how do you do it? :)

  4. Good form, maybe you chould consider a side-tour during your travels of Europe.