Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lago di Garda

My work has recently spiked the kilometers I've traveled. Not ridden, but traveled. Basel-Milan-Basel-Lago di Garda-Basel-Brittany-Basel-MIlan-Utah-Basel... in the span of ten days!

Last week we had a big meeting at Lago di Garda and my main responsibility for the event was to bring a certain Ivan B. and have him join us for a large road ride. I quickly found him to be very giving of his time and interested and engaged with the company and products – oh yeah, and freakin’ in shape! He's very happy with the bikes and we're beginning to engage him with the product guys... that's really my job (sounds strange that you could do that for a living, no?).

We did the ride... about 50 of us! At one point early on, we had to wait for il presidente, who had flatted or taken a wrong turn, still not sure which. While we were crowded on a street corner, over comes the local federale who was none too pleased with our group. "Who's in charge of this event?" We feigned a lack of speaky-Italiano until it was obvious we did. When he threatened a large fine on us, someone piped up... "don't you know who that is?" He didn't believe us, then finally, a hand was outstretched and the cop's attitude changed quickly and off we went.

We did a nice 500m climb north of Riva (I suffered a bit, but not too embarrassed with my performance). The return trip split the group up and we finally were left with a group of seven, including Ivan, who sat at the back once it became obvious some of us were at the limit. Wet roads and 'glory-dayers' at their limit doesn't spell 'safe ride' to a superstar. Anyway - great ride, quick dinner, got back home at 4:00 am!

"Nice shirt... where you get that, from the hamper?" - Damone

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