Thursday, July 17, 2008

Child of the 80's

While we all 'enjoy' the daily drama that is the Tour de France, I thought a distraction is called for so I'm writing about a guilty pleasure - the 80's... I've recently begun using all this high technology that I've surrounded myself with to relive my adolescence.

On my recent trips back stateside, I picked up seasons 1 and 2 of Miami Vice, the quintessential TV show of my youth. Using Mac the Ripper and MPEG Streamclip I ripped and converted the episodes and watched them on my iPod Touch on the flights. It's much better to enjoy your own selection rather than some in-flight chick flick. Why no iPhone yet? Check back - I have some issues to resolve with that first!

Anyway - aside from that, I've also been tuning in to MV on something called the "Sleuth" channel on Slingbox, a program and device that lets me control a friend's DirecTV in Connecticut from my computer in Switzerland! Let's just say Swiss TV doesn't do much for me other than cycling and the odd english movie or TV series. Slingbox is an ex-pat TV junkie's dream device. I can watch my Buccaneers get beat live on Sundays as well.

Where's this leading? 80's music! MV had some of the best (and worst) music soundtracks of ANY TV show then or now. I'm currently going through all the Jan Hammer and Phil Collins tracks and hitting a strong sense of deja vu. Of the 8000 songs in my library, I would bet that almost half of them are at least 20 years old. Next up - VH1 (where they actually play videos still)!


  1. I'm with ya there. Love the shows and music from the '80s and yes VH1 still knows what's going on, better than that "other" station. ;)

  2. the 80s were alright. actually, they were pretty good. disco died.

    yeah, the 80s were pretty cool.