Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ramping Up!

Skies are full of pollen, and l'Etape du Tour is coming sooner than I realize. It's time to get more distance and climbing in the legs, so I took two days off and set out to do just that. Thursday was four and a half hours with 1500m climbing. Friday was short to rest a bit, and Saturday was another four and a half hours, 100km and 1300m - and windy. Granted, not terribly long or fast, but I'm starting to feel good. I was finally able to navigate to the Passwang, which isn't incredibly difficult, but is close to home and has a few twists in it.

Both rides here...

The view from the top of the Passwang. It was getting pretty late by this time, luckily the road home was downhill... a little!

Notice the vertical jump when I forgot to restart the Edge 705! Also the Biel Benken wall with 12% at the end of the ride.

Even with a Garmin, it is faster to navigate with the tried-and-true tape on the top tube!


  1. Absolutely beautiful....with you on the tape, but those 705's are pretty cool. Jeff

  2. that's some pretty serious riding, buddy! :)