Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Am I Hip Enough to Wear This?

Look what arrived in the mail this morning... The Rapha Bernard Hinault Legend t-shirt. I usually don't consider myself to be retro or cool enough to buy cycling clothes/gear that's not either lime green or plastered with the logos of our sponsored team, but I HAD to get this. La Vie Claire was the coolest team of all time (at least when I first got into the sport). Just put this one down to nostalgia as I approach 40 and try to recapture long-lost youth.

The answer? No, I'm not hip enough. Hipsters rejoice! I also won't be building my old Tommasini into a fixie any time soon!


  1. Slick shirt, Rory. Hope it was under 100 euro! You can pull it off. Throw a black sportcoat over it. The boys will want one.


  2. I felt the same way about La Vie Claire when I first got into cycling as well. I even have a replica of one of their jerseys although I am in NO WAY cool enough to actually wear it. :)