Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Almost Here!

I was fourteen years old, and had just gotten into this thing called bike racing. I had not yet adopted my 'Dave Stoller' alter ego. Not yet a word of Italian... but we had Paris-Roubaix on CBS. This is how I became a fan of Greg Lemond. Over-produced, edited, schmaltzy, but it was these rare glimpses of pro cycling that gave me the bug. It's also how I built up an appreciation for this incredible race...

Somehow, I now have the luck to 'work' this race for the fourth time! I'll remember to pinch myself from the bleachers in Roubaix to confirm that it's real!

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  1. classic video! we went out to see lemond at worlds when they were in colorado springs. it was awesome! i couldn't believe the speed. i was racing as an "older" cat 4 back then and remember seeing lemond and getting chills.... have fun! pics, please! :)