Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tour of Missouri

So I'm here with the boys in the midwest, fulfilling whatever duties I can. So far, I've translated interviews, translated any and all questions they may have, passing my first musette, helping the mechanics, written race reports, etc.

Sunday, my parents came down from Iowa. I think they enjoyed seeing their first big bike race. We had a reception at Cycle City, a local retailer. The crowd was great and had a good time. I finally met Jackal and Blue... great guys. Funny thing about the internet. You can 'get to know' someone by their writing, and then stumble into them and feel like old friends.

Monday we had the worst storm ever... 4 o'clock in the morning while doing emails, the sky opened up with a loud crash. It was like someone shooting a shotgun in the next room over! This continued until the power shut down for most of the city! It was quite a scene having all the teams eating breakfast by candlelight in the Hyatt!

Nephew Joey skipped work Monday afternoon to come down to the finish at KC's Plaza. The crowd was huge and the rain held out. Chicchi was third with Cavendish winning.

Tuesday was pretty much more of the same - Chicchi again third in Springfield. 

I met Cub and the Great Chiweenie... cute little dog rescued by loving owners who take him along on the bike. I know Mrs. Masini would like to do the same, but I can already tell, our guys would be more than a handful than this little guy.

Today is the TT. Nibali should do pretty well. Roman says his legs aren't great, but he has the power and will do well nonetheless.

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