Friday, September 12, 2008

DS for a day... or two

So the Tour of Missouri keeps rolling along. Wednesday's TT in Branson went well... Nibali in sixth, fifth overall. Roman not too far behind.

I got to drive the follow car for Chicchi. The course was great, with big carved out canyons, open roads in the wind, and big rolling hills. Of course, I did my usual 'avoid the deviation and drive through the finish' that I've become famous for. Hey - they didn't fine us and I didn't tear down the banners, so it couldn't be that drastic!

On Thursday, Stefano wanted me to drive the second team car (since we're short on people). When the break happened, we swapped cars. He went with the break and I took over in the peloton! Let's say it's nervous and very tight squeezing between the moto and the cars on your right. We fed and passed bottles a few times. Nibali, having missed the break, got his ear twisted quite a bit, but did come back and load up on water for the rest of the guys. Roman took over the white jersey in the end! Today we'll try for another stage, possibly with Roman - the finish is a killer!

Meantime, James our mechanic crashed in the parking lot and destroyed his knee!

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  1. i'm thinking that next year i'll take vacation for the entire week and follow the tour of missouri. jackal and i both had a great time down there! good stuff! if you need someone to hand up bottles..... :)