Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged... here you go.

So Carl tagged me a few days ago... here goes.

What was I doing ten years ago? 
Just getting ready to move from Des Moines to Fort Dodge, IA. Just a little relocation so Mrs. Masini could start a great teaching job. I was driving about 60,000 miles a year as a sales rep for the big Cdale (did that for 8 years). I was also riding a YZ125 a little bit. Listening to: Limbaugh, Common Man, Mischke and Jim Rome on the radio (gotta stay awake somehow when driving all night through North Dakota). Also listening to: Guster, Josh Rouse, the Cure, Joy Division, New Order (none of that has really changed). I was not racing on the road or CX, but more mtb. Eventually did well on a single speed hardtail at the local race on a course I knew by heart.

What are five non-work things on my to-do list today?
1. Walk the dogs
2. Backup my old radio shows (Mischke, Common Man, Ron & Fez, Opie & Anthony)
3. Pick up Mrs. Masini from Zurich Airport
4. Watch Liquigas defend their Vuelta lead on Eurosport
5. Watch a replay of the Buccaneers' final preseason game

Snacks I enjoy?

Things I would do if I were a billionaire. 
Help groups giving relief in Africa and Asia. 
Small houses in Iowa, Connecticut and Italy. 
Maserati for myself, Jag convertible for the Mrs. 
A little to everyone in the family. 
Bank the rest for the upcoming economic crisis. 

Places I have lived:
Charlotte NC, Ruland SD, Spencer IA, Laurens IA, Ames IA, Florence Italy, Des Moines IA, Ft Dodge IA, New Milford CT, Basel Switz. - In that order!

Jobs I have had:
Gas station grunt, construction, track and tennis court grunt, sales rep, webmaster, sports marketer.

Hollywood and DanGerous - tag, you're it.


  1. hey dude! thanks for hosting jackal and i at T.O.M.! it was a blast! the last time i was that close to professional racing was at worlds in colorado springs back in the 80s. awesome!

    your folks are pretty cool! :)