Monday, August 11, 2008

Been Busy - Olympic Bikes

This is the kind of stuff I have to call 'work'. How cool is this bike? Each C/V member (as well as LG) got a graphic based on their national flag.

This bike is now showing up on various boards, after an 'unofficial' photo or two got out prematurely. Interesting bits that aren't yet officially known... there are fewer needle bearings in this fork and the internals have been minimized for weight. Notice the fork boot? Or should I say inner tube? Special super secret fork assembly as well. No paint means less weight to the tune of 70-100g. High modulous carbon saves additional weight - this frame is a total 220g lighter than stock. Mavic tubular wheels save tons, as will the Vredestein tubulars. Why go crazy and unreliable when major weight can be saved by true innovation and optimization? Hopefully, Roel, Jakob and Kashi can have a perfect day and grab a medal!


  1. Things can't get any better than that! Incredible bike and let's hope they have great races aboard them. Hoping Roel and Jakob get their medals and that Kashi's health is better and puts him in contention too.

    One question about the bike, the headset appears to be different than a stock SI headset, is it just a special top sheild or something?

  2. Rory, your "work" must just be the worst ever huh? LOL

    Definitely sweet bikes and the innovation to save those grams is awesome, great work.

  3. i agree with jackal.... going to work must just be hell for you. i don't know how you do it. :)

    see you in september....
    (no, not the song.)

  4. as a belgian, I hope Roel can take back a medaille to Belgium!
    Rory, I see you have the graphics of the Olympic Lefty of Roel.
    You wouldn't have by any chance the decals for the olympic frame of Roel?

  5. Dan - not sure about that spacer.

    Ia Boys - as Minneapolis KFAN 'social commentator' Dan "Common Man" Cole once said... "it's a great gig if you can get it". Actually, he says that everyday. I do too! I can't take much credit - I leave that for talented people at Cannondale.

    tom - all decals are in China and I suspect that none will come back... there weren't many made!