Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stateside in June!

Good news... looks like we've gotten LG an invite for the Philly race week, and I'll be joining the boys in June! In addition, speaking with Mario today and it looks like Bennati is 90% coming over. If so, look for a factory visit and maybe up to Bethel as well. I called Daniele (who was bugging me about a special color for the Giro) and let him know... I think he'll be psyched.

Funny thing is that I was recently invited to a meeting at the HQ during the same week, so I'll be busy as sin! I've scheduled the flights so that over 10 days, I may even be able to do a couple of crits in Bethel! Time to start changing over all my LG green for the new Stage one yellow with black and red... new bubbles are coming! Question is... do I change the website header image?

Went exploring in the Black Forest yesterday. Three and a half hours with three decent climbs... 1000 meters total ascension. The Garmin crapped out during a route calculation, so the graph makes it look like I fell off a cliff!

Today was Offenburg, WC round 2. I seem to have lost my passport, so leaving Switzerland would have proven difficult. Stayed in the office and edited the video you see in the previous post. Looks like someone's going to the embassy with Francs in hand tomorrow! BTW - neither C/V nor LG did too hot today... that's racing.

UPDATE - found my passport! Was on my desk under some bills... guess I should pay my bills earlier!


  1. New Stage 1 colors? OH boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!

  2. glad you found your passport! that's a pretty handy thing to have....

    i love the "paintball" jerseys.... refreshing.

  3. Only 1 problem with the new bubbles... it isn't made by Cannondale anymore, so it's probably a team-only purchase. IF you are interested, however, I do have some ways of pulling strings!