Monday, April 14, 2008

The greatest one-day bike race in the world!

OK here it is... my first post on this blog!

It's Monday, post-Paris-Roubaix, the greatest race in the world! We had a crazy weekend where luck was NOT on our side, from before the race until the end. The ASO/UCI war meant that the car positions were determined by the draw. My guys got 21st of 25 teams! Scirea was NOT happy!

Exiting the highway, Berto's car was hit by a local! Ammiraglia #1 (team car #1) was down for the count. Lampre's car came out better, but not Tosello, who went to the hospital. I saw him post-race in a neck brace, seemed to be ok.

At the start LG (being one car short) was passing out wheels and waterbottles to everyone who could get to the cobbled sectors, me included! I covered sectors 23, 18 and 14. At the Arenberg, I was able to pass a bottle to Fredrik Willems... my first pro pass! The driving was frantic as usual, but the "equipe" sticker on the windshield came in handy! After 14, it was off to the velodrome to find Ian, who came over from CT with his fam.

I later learned during the race that the reason I didn't hear the friendly 'honk' from Scirea in team car#2  at 18 and 14 was because there was no team car anymore! I guess the cobbles took their toll on the suspension and I finally found it being towed into Roubaix!

Post-race, Pippo was in a bit of pain from his fall. Ian and I made the rounds, then took off in hunt for a restaurant and a bit of Leffe. I decided to try the Hotel Kennedy in Kortrijk, since we were heading that way towards the NED. We arrived to the 'Quick Step compound' and quickly had a good meal, followed by some hospitality by Fede. Of course, we then proceeded to crash the QS party and get a hat signed by Boonen for Ian... nice!

That's it... the greatest one-day bike race in the world! Check out my late-Saturday night video work here...


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Mr. Masini!!!!

  2. Nice! I'm looking forward to read/watch what you'll post.

  3. Mr. Mahary here.

    Excellent read. Fun to hear about what you do. Steve Fry said that he saw you almost get clipped by a team car during a wheel change. Or at least he said it looked like you.

    My email address is "" I would love to hear more stories or if you have a P-man autograph you could send to bolster my collection that would be swell.

    Keep writing it gives me something to do.


    Christopher Mahary