Wednesday, April 30, 2008


80km yesterday, including a nice climb up the Gempen and a hellish descent, hitting 52mph on the not-so twisty sections. I headed north thinking I'd be able to cross the Rhine after the airport... not. I actually headed back to Basel since there was no bridge and then south to the Gempen, our closest little climb. It's not all that hard, but I have realized if I want a hard climb, I should take the other side up to Höchwald, where it hits 16% towards the top. Back through France and then home... a nice long ride for a Tuesday.

Afterwards, I was knackered, so I quickly ate what has become my standard post-ride gorge fest. This includes a bottle of Chimay (Belgium's finest beer), Rösti (Swiss hash browns) with a fried egg on top, organic peach yogurt, and some OJ.

Following that, I had just enough energy to hit the shower and then the couch, where Tucker and Daisy joined me for some serious z time.

This morning, the legs still hurt, but they know that they're getting in shape, so it's a good hurt. Nothing like having a couple of crits in the US for training motivation.

This afternoon, I'm off to see the LG boys. Scirea placed three in the top-10, including 2nd and 3rd!

Swiss post-ride staples...

You'd think Tucker climbed the Gempen too!

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  1. sounds like a great ride and a great post ride meal! mmmmmm....... beer!