Thursday, March 7, 2019

Somec Multistrade Custom Gravel with Lauf Fork

Also realizing that I hadn't yet posted my latest gravel bike here. It arrived last Fall and I didn't get too many rides in before all this winter!

Custom alloy Somec Multistrade with Campy Super Record EPS, Lauf fork, Leonardi Racing seatpost and Speedplay SYZR pedals. More parts made by friends!

Horses - This stem was made to go with my Colnago C60 (due to Colnago's connection with Ferrari) that was sold to make room for this bike. Somec borrowed their hometown's (Lugo di Romagna) symbol of Enzo's Cavallino Rampante and reverted it back to having the tail pointing down. Ferrari himself was granted permission to use the horse from the family of famed Italian WWI pilot Francesco Baracca (also of Lugo). I had the pleasure to see his museum with the Gallegati family (of Somec fame) back in 2016!

Along with the Tommasini Fire gravel bike, I have three sets of wheels to change the character of this bike. Fat 650B's, light 700c gravel and 700c tubeless road wheels. The choices that disc brakes give us! I just came across some even fatter 650's with tread that I may have to try out, seeing how the Somec has plenty more space.

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