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Old Bike Article Translations #5: Bianchi Advert for Reparto Corse, World Championships

Proving one of three points yet again:

  1. My translation of technical Italian is lacking
  2. Romance languages are terrible for technical descriptions, often scribbling a series of random 5-syllable words to describe something like "stiff"
  3. How much detail can you really give about a great steel frame?

Page 27 of La Bicicletta, December 1993. This is a paid advertisement promoting the Reparto Corse and Bugno's world championship. As usual, translation below the image.

1993 Another World Championship Jersey for the Celeste Bianchi

The Reparto Corse Bianchi, two years from the actual establishment of the company, fully assures its function of advanced research, for the study, design and execution of innovative technical solutions. The specialized production of the Reparto Corse takes experiences from the professional racers, whether road or mountain bike, to make prototypes based on their feedback, in a tight and peculiar synergy with their technical team. Evidence of this continuous relationship are the numerous sporting achievements tied to Bianchi. The latest example of this continuity is represented by the rainbow jersey of Gianni Bugno on the road, which itself was followed by that of Dario Aquaroli on the mountain bike, in whom Bianchi has placed its faith in view of the coming Olympic Games.

The diverse models made in the Reparto Corse are the result of a series of studies and projects conducted with the help of the most modern computer software, time in the wind tunnel and many more resources, and then built by highly skilled personnel working with the style and duty of an artisan. The 1994 lineup of racing models from the Reparto Corse, with the special Bianchi Corsa and Nth for the mountain bike, was announced, featuring important technical innovations that sit beside other existing models that maintain their specific roles. In terms of updates we see, for the racing models, a double butted Cromoly frame equipped with the Campagnolo Stratos group and a new frame made from Columbus Thron. Other interesting items include a fully titanium frame and the possibility to mount on certain models the innovative new electronic shifting system from the Mavic Zap group. On the mountain bike side features a new frame made of Columbus Genius tubing, which can be had with either Shimano XTR or XT and with a classic unicrown fork or with a Rock Shox Mag 21 or Spring VLS suspension fork.

Reparto Corse Bianchi of Treviglio and Bianchi USA of San Francisco operate closely together to locate and experiment with new procedures and innovation solutions to further grow the already highly esteemed "Made in Bianchi", an important concept known in the cycling world.

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