Saturday, October 14, 2017

Another Magniflex Blue Diamante Got Away

Another dream frame just got away. With a Pelà-made Wolhauser in the stand and a bunch of other projects littering the garage, and with a bone-dry PayPal account, this 56 cm Diamante in Magniflex Blue ended up going cheap. Originally posted at $1000 (already not a terrible price on this rarity), I got an update saying the seller had dropped to $750! In the time it took me to email him about payment, it was gone.

Seems that these are coming online more and more. Maybe not as rare as I'm thinking. This was just too good of a deal to pass on, but alas, it wasn't meant to be!

edit: upon further review, this appears to be the frame from the complete bike I posted earlier! My eBay experience is that it's far easier to find a buyer of a $1000 rare frameset than it is to find someone at $2500 for the complete bike.

yet another edit: bike forums actually confirmed it's the same bike AND that it is/was actually a 57! Now I don't feel so bad!


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