Wednesday, August 16, 2017

eBay Hunting the Elusive Tommasini Diamante

I always wanted a Columbus MS frame. The unique, hyper-expensive shaped tubeset and its equally costly hen's teeth lugs were the thing of teenage dreams (ok, a certain, focused section of very few teenagers' dreams). The Tommasini Diamante in the Colorado colorway was, of course the ideal target and it seems that at least a few people have recently decided to get rid of theirs in order to afford a new carbon wünderbike. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my Somec MS Leader and yes, it does provide a nice ride. Unfortunately, the late 80's and early 90's tightened things up in the tire clearance category, so these end up being road-only bikes (no gravel).

It seems that $2500 will get you a decent-shape Dura-Ace or Record bike, while $5000 is the going rate for NOS, which I can't believe even exist! Here are four that can currently be had on eBay:

1. $5000 for this NOS(!) Colorado painted bike that was "purchased for a collection". OK, I get it... someone in MI had enough money to buy an amazing bike and stare at it for near 30 years before deciding it just wasn't for them, or their collection! Size 58, if you're so inclined (I'm not).

2. $500 is the starting bid on this 56cm. Honestly I'm tempted. I have a C-Record group on its way that would fit this perfectly (and it would fit me perfectly), but I get the feeling this may not be what it seems. Either this seller has no idea what he has or he has some silly $3000 reserve! Oh, and the fact I have two more frames on the way to finish doesn't leave room for this project. Maybe it'll still be there in a year's time!

3. $2500 OBO for this oddly colored version. I've spoken with this seller about this before. I'm not into paying for another Kara Ginther saddle, lovely as it is. But brown just doesn't work with the pink and green, IMO! Also, it a 55 and yet another ShimaNO Tommasini, which just won't do for me. OK, Campy rims and seatpost, but...

4. $2500 will get you this 57cm Diamante with early Record Ergopower in the Magniflex Blu color way. 

And just to keep things interesting, there seems to be enough people out there with parts and know-how to pantograph and/or gold plate! Here are some Tommasini-themed examples that may come in handy with the restoration of a friend's Tommy that I've been asked to help out with:


  1. It seems we have been seeking the same thing. Like you, however, I can't bring myself to throw $2500 at a pink one with Shimano 600's. I've decided to troll for other brands, and found some possibilities from Bianchi, Motta, Basso and a couple lesser-knowns. Will keep trolling...