Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Ferrari Bikes By Colnago

After my last post, I dug a little deeper in the archives to find more Ferraris.

The 2003 CF3

The CF3 presented to Schumi. Not sure where I got it, but I have this as a photo!

Going back in time, I presume, to the 2002 CF2 mtb?

Caption says only 500 were made. I'm assuming this is same-generation CF2 road.

I think this last one is from Bicycle Guide, May 1988. "Ernesto Colnago's latest masterpiece, developed with the assistance of Ferrari Engineering, is constructed of carbon fiber tubing joined to fiber lugs. Power transmission is handled by an eight-speed gearbox controlled by a single lever; braking is hydraulic. Current plans call for the 18.7-pound prototypes to be tested in professional competition before production models are offered to the public late next year."

And from around the web...

Never saw this one before, but Ochsner is selling this Ferrari tandem for $29,999!

Another one that must have passed me by. Is this actually a Colnago?

Ferrari Prologo saddle?!? Bravo, Salvatore!

Finally, check out this page for more drool-worthy carbon from Italy

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