Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Ordered A Ferrari With Custom Leather...

OK, sorta!

I had a Selle Italia Ferrari Novus saddle back in 1997 and loved it. It looked great on my Saeco CAAD3 back when that was cool (and top of the line). I just found a bargain on eBay, as it was very used and scuffed. No problem, that's where Mick from Busyman Bicycles comes in. I've admired his work for some time now and it was just a quick email exchange and paypal transfer to convince him to make the Masini Ferrari saddle! He's booked through November (I'm in the wrong business I guess) but may make an exception for me.

I put my best hack photoshop skills to the test and designed the following...

Should flow with my top tube. Note the reverse-embossed lion!

So there are really just two car brands worth discussing, right? Somehow, Ernesto Colnago convinced those of the prancing horse (does everyone know the story of Francesco Baracca and the Ferrari logo?) to collaborate on bicycles some twenty five years ago. I wasn't able to do the same with Lamborghini, although I did have a number of productive meetings with them at their factory... and what a factory it is! Props to BMC for pulling them in... making decisions can be easy when you really want to do something! But enough griping, I do enough of that offline.

So it's back to the archive I go. Always one to save Italian bike porn, here are some of my favorites.

THAT is how you tease a product! Cover it, and lend the fastest name in the world to it.
These copywriters had it easy!

Anatomia e stile, indeed. No translation necessary.

Save those box tops!

Remember these guys?

I could easily be talked into a V1-r

Hell, even a Colnago mtb... the CF12

"Speed With Style". These guys barely changed the headline!
Anything for an excuse to put a Ferrari in the picture. But really... Vetta!?!

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  1. Nine months later and looking all over fro the right shade of blue kangaroo leather the saddle is finally finished.