Saturday, September 13, 2014

HandCraftedNOBrand Shoes!

Even more l'Eroica preparation, this time for the feet. I've been using an old pair of cheap black leather cycling replica shoes with a plastic sole... and velcro straps! When they're hidden in the clips and straps, it's not too offensive, but this year I've decided to go all in...

Hand-crafted in Padova by Sergio Calegher and Simone Segalin in their shop that dates back to 1934, these shoes are perfectly-reproduced 1920's shoes that may last me through all my future l'Eroicas. They use antique tools, methods and only the best material. Just a Facebook message away, they responded today with a posting of my finished shoes ready to pick up in Gaiole. They even made a second pair to ensure I was in love with the style and fit.

HandCraftedNOBrand can be found here. Order yours now and you may get them in time for l'Eroica! Don't let the price of their fashion shoes and boots scare you away... I may start saving up for a pair of those now!

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